Awaiting another THR whilst in excruciating agony when sitting or moviing

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I had my left THR at the end of 2018 and I think it was a success. The surgeon warned me that within 3 to 5 years, I would need the right hip replaced. It is now the time to have this as my x-rays have demonstrated. I am in a lot of pain but I am very active. I have been prescribed Naproxen but I don't think it is making much difference. I am told there is a minium waiting time of 6 months. The pain has already got a lot worse over 1 month. If it continues like this I will not be able to cope.


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    Greetings and welcome to the community, @fola. 

    You are awaiting a hip replacement, your second, but are concerned that the waiting period will be very difficult. 

    I have found this link on our website:

    This contains many useful tips. Other members will I am sure chip in. 

    The best of luck and please post again to let us know how you get on. 



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    I am so sorry to hear how much you are struggling. I hope you have all the usual aids to help you such as raised loo seat/walking frame etc?

    Are you only taking naproxen and no painkillers at all? If not you should ask your GP for help. The next 6 months must feel like forever.

    Some of us use other things to help with our pain - non-medicinal - like microwavable wheatbags or tens machines if you haven't already tried these, but suspect you have.

    Others here have even resorted to paying private for their surgeries😕

    Take care

    Toni x

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    I agree with @frogmorton , speak to your GP about providing analgesic pain relief rather than just anti inflammatories (ie naproxen). I was on cocodamol while waiting my hip replacement, as well as naproxen, and the only just took the edge of the pain, but enough to keep me vaguely mobile. . While some of the pain will be due to inflammation of tissues in the joint, you also have nerve endings grinding away in your bone on bone joint. Obviously what is suitable for you will depend on other medications/medical conditions, but do review this with your GP. There’s no way I could have got through on naproxen alone! My hip packed up at the beginning of the pandemic, and after a year’s wait I was told it would be another 18 months! Even on handfuls of pills I could barely get round a supermarket, so I caved in and went private, as I could literally barely walk. Even then it was still another agonising 5 month wait.

    The tips in the link Tom has provided for pain management are also very helpful. I found distraction and mindfulness helped, along with propping my body up at night with pillows and cushions to keep my hip flexed in the most bearable position, and using an inflatable wedge cushion on my computer chair.