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Hello i have a PIP telephone assessment booked with Capita for next week ..

i sent my Pip review form off 18 months ago . (so quite a lengthy wait ).

Can anybody tell me how long the assessment will take , bearing in mind i have severe earing loss so may be asking to repeat the questions .also any tips would be gratefully received .

Thankyou for any replies


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    A warm welcome to the forum, @newtoallthis . You seek advice on how your PIP telephone assessment is likely to go, particularly because of your severe hearing loss. 

    If you have not already done so, try reviewing the www.citizensadvice.org.uk You will find a section on PIP, including a section on preparing for your assessment. 

    I hope that other members will also have advice and experiences that will assist you. 

    Best of luck. 



  • My telephone assessment took about an hour, all pretty painless, in my case they just went over all the questions in the application form and asked me to elaborate or provide clarification for some of my answers.

    When they initially call make them aware of your hearing loss and that you might ask them to repeat things, also have a copy of your application and your supporting evidence in front of you as its easy to forget what you wrote, the lady who did mine was good, very understanding and didn't mind listening to my sometimes perhaps lengthy answers to her questions.

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    If there's any chance of having someone with you and the phone on loud speaker I would @newtoallthis .

    They can help if you are struggling to hear and also witness what is said and just having someone with you is so supportive.

    Best of 🤞 luck

    Toni x

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    Thankyou for your replies . i had the assessment 1hr 30mins . had my decision letter . my award has stopped . i was on high rate care low rate mobilty . The decision letter says no input or treatment for Osteoarthritis . or Osteoporosis .

    I was diagnosed in 2014 and am on high dose pain relief . I have asked for my case to be looked at again

    . Am i right in thinking Osteoarthritis is a long term condition with little hope of it improving . Also i am now being referred to a Rheumatologist again .

    Happy days