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How far can I walk without having to stop. Seemed to be every 5 minutes on a recent visit to Holland. How can I improve on thi


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    Just to say hello Madge. The community here is vast with various types and serverity of Arthritis. Maybe a little more info on your next post from yourself will generate a less general reponse than mine.

    Having trouble walking is a pain ( no pun intented). I had problems with swollen toes 5 years ago and found it very difficult to walk. so fed up.

    Although put down to Osteo Arthritis by my GP at the time I now know I have inflamatory arthritis.

    Keep posting, take care, Nfk Gal

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    Hello @Madge2

    I am glad you have found this online community. We are a supportive group of people and will answer your queries and I hope you will find it useful to be able to interact with others.

    You don't say much in your first post but most of us with arthritis find walking a difficult and painful experience. It's important to balance rest with exercise and to get pain relief when needed. I am posting a couple of pieces of information below which should be a useful start for you, but do tell us more and we will be able to target our help better!

    Please do let us know how you get on, and keep in touch!

    Best wishes


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