Wierd psoriatic arthritis symptoms

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Thank you very for the advice on my post yesterday, great help. The pain article was quite helpful. I’m already taking paracetamol, dihydracodiene and etrocoxib. Don’t get much, if any benefit from them. I’ve barely slept again with the crushing pains, now the hot flushes are coming . When my flare is quite bad , as it is just now, it feels like the nerves up and down my spine are being crushed, also similar in my hips, constant headache and when I move my head it’s like the nerves get a jolt through my head and body. I asked my rheumatology nurse if this condition can have this effect on my head and she said no, so naturally I’m quite worried I have something else going on as well. I have read online that it can indeed affect the brain and inner ear etc, which would also explain the vertigo feeling during flares. I wonder has anyone one in the community experienced flares or symptoms like this. Sorry for going on a bit but this community is a treasure trove of information and nobody knows better than people experiencing it first hand. Thanks guys.