Right TKR 7 weeks on

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I had my op and seemed to be progressing slowly. I had my 6 week follow-up with consultant/surgeon. He thinks I am doing ok. It will take time. I knew I had arthritis in my right hip, and we were unsure what to do first. We opted for knee as that was most painful. Robotic and epidural which was fine. He is suggesting I need hip doing as soon as knee happy.

I feel despondent as I am now feeling uncomfortable in groin area and a pain in lower back.

I wonder if it is more to do with posture as my right leg is now straight, before wonky from knee down and I still walk with crutches. My gait has changed, am I adjusting to that?


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    Hi @SueA

    Funnily enough I saw a rheumatology physio a couple of weeks ago regarding issues with my right foot and ankle. After examining me he said the issue was being caused by my left knee. I've been told I need a knee replacement 'sooner rather than later' and walk with a limp. He said the issues with my right foot and ankle are due to my changed gait due to my left knee - I'd never have thought of that.

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    Hi jamieA

    That is really interesting. I have developed a bone-like pain on the side of my right foot. Could be to do with my gait. Hadn't thought of that! I had a wonky leg before the op. Completely straight now.