Right TKR 7 weeks on

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I am told I am progressing OK by physio. Saw surgeon this week, he said all OK. I need a right hip later, maybe in a year, but have started getting pain in my lower back for the last few weeks. Surgeon said it could be my gait. I am hoping not the start of hip, I still use 1 crutch in the house. Have walked around garden but not walked outside. He said it is a journey of recovery, I just thought I would feel better quicker.


  • janiebin
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    Patience and pain don't often go hand in hand do they!? If your physio and surgeon are happy with your recovery be patient with yourself. Slow and steady , it is a bit frustrating I know but a bit of exercise, enjoy the sun in the garden and try heat pads or patches on your back. Got to keep as fit as possible to help with the pre and post hip op recovery in the future.

    Enjoy the weekend

  • raphacondor
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    Had TKR 2nd February 2023, still have 15 years of work left.Just seen orthopaedic surgeon nearly 4months later.You do not have no idea of the struggle post operation. It is major and I was told told today it is still early in the recovery. Still off work= it is #### ###t This operation can change your life mentally, as such the recovery can scar you. That is reality.

  • Loggiemod
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    Hello all, we all have different experiences and recoveries - can be a number of things like how the op went how severe it was before and after and so on. Sadly it is a case of keep taking the pain meds and exercising and hopefully you will get there - sorry it seems to be bad for you @raphacondor the folllow might be of help

    Hope you are recovered soon.