Hello I’m new - Is this a post or chat?

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I have osteoarthritis of the hip which now requires using a walking stick & taking some painkillers. The doctor has told me the hip needs replacing as it’s down to bone on bone making it difficult to walk, bend or keep balance.

I also have refractory epilepsy since my teens which has brought about becoming a house husband & having to safeguard a lot of what I do. But I was always keen to achieve and so kept myself both physically & mentally active.

This prescription has lost its remedy as my seizures combined with the osteoarthritis mean I collapse most times I have a seizure, so it takes longer to recover and my hip is more painful. It’s also scary leaving the house because of seizures.

Strangely the osteoarthritis is more difficult to cope with than epilepsy and I have become so despondent and find it hard to remain motivated or find different things to.

Does anyone have ways of coping, ideas of what to do or how just to expect this is the way it’s meant to be? I appreciate I could have it worse yet it’s draining.



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    Hello @Antsflintbone and welcome to the online community,

    I hope you find this space welcoming and supportive. All our members live with some form of arthritis and do understand the pain and challenges that it brings. I understand you have osteoarthritis of the hip as well as refractory epilepsy and you're finding it more difficult to recover from seizures and your hip is becoming more painful.

    It seems like you are going through a challenging time at the moment, and you are wondering if anyone has any ideas for coping. I'm sure some of our members will be able to offer you some suggestions based on their experience.

    The Versus Arthritis website has got some information that you might find useful - I've linked to it below. It's about hip pain and how it can be treated, including some ideas for self help:

    If you feel that your current medication isn't working, it might be worth talking to your GP to see if there are any alternatives. Or they may be able to refer you to a pain clinic where other medical professionals will discuss with you other ways of managing your pain.

    In answer to the question you raised in your heading - it's a post but it could also be the beginning of a chat when others respond to you!

    Do let us know how you're getting on.

    Anna (Mod)

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    Hi @Antsflintbone

    Just a quick hello from me. Wanted to offer my support and welcome you.

    I do not have hip OA, but wanted to let you know that my daughter had her shoulder replaced (due to avascular necrosis brought on by steroids during cancer treatment) at 19 and has epilepsy. She is on keppra, lamotrigine and clobazam but had some seizures still. There was no problem at all with her surgery due to the epilepsy. The orthopaedic surgeon had initially feared there might be if she dislocated it during a seizure, but all was well.

    I do hope you are on 'the list' for your surgery now?

    Best wishes