Just wondering whether anyone can advise? I occasionally like having lit candles or incense sticks but am finding lighting the matches is getting harder and usually need to try several matches or boxes (and sometimes succeed in breaking the matchstick). I don't know if it's because the matches are quite old or if it is due to the (rheumatoid) arthritis in that hand. Anyone got any (potentially safer!) suggestions? I live by myself so getting someone else to do it for me isn't an option!



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    I love candles and use those lighters with the long handle and stick thing where you just press the button. I think they're potentially for old gas ovens (I really don't know to be honest!) but they're great. If somebody can remember the name of them then please feel free to comment as I cannot for the life of me remember the name!


  • Trish9556
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    Search for candle lighters on Google or your preferred search engine

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    Strange how technology has supposedly moved on since the days of wooden splints or long matches, there was gas lighters with a hot element that needed batteries, and there was a spark version runs only from Piezo electric crystals. Those won't work for candles I am sure. My Mrs has one that's a gas filled lighter that sparks itself off, and even then its a bit awkward to use as the trigger is a bit too near the flame, so if your candle is in a glass jar its a real pain. 🔥