Everything hurts!

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Hi everyone. I think I’ve posted here before many moons ago about my husband and his rheumatoid arthritis but now I’m asking for some advice for me.

I have several joint issues that are combining to make me feels much older and decrepit than my age (66). I have a right knee problem which they say is kneecap related and there is arthritis in there. I had a fall about six years ago which resulted in nerve damage to my left arm along with a couple of minor breaks. This still to this day aches and gives me the odd problem. Then about three years ago I had another fall (clumsy!) which resulted in a damaged rotator cuff to my right shoulder. I have been advised that I have arthritis in my upper spine/neck area also. Then to cap it all I had a nasty attack of sciatica about six weeks ago. This has got much better but still aches and sometimes keeps me awake at night.I take ibuprofen which helps but shouldn’t really as I have hypertension. My doctor is aware of everything except the sciatica. No one issue really impacts on its own but add it all together and it’s awful. I’d like to increase my stamina and mobility and was wondering if anyone knows of an online video tutorial of DVD with suitable strengthening and stretching exercises I could try, particularly for the lower back, and how I can increase energy levels. I’d be grateful for any advice. Thanks.