Right or Left

Can I ask if anyone only has an issue with one side of their body. My inflammation is on only my right side joints?


  • KC1
    KC1 Member Posts: 33

    Yes, mine is on the left and in my lower back

  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 29,021

    Unusual with RA Wendy usually pretty well symmetrical🤔

    I have always been pretty well balanced - at least physically!!


  • jamieA
    jamieA Member Posts: 605

    Hi @wendy19

    Like @frogmorton says I was told that RA is normally symmetrical. It was one of a number of factors mentioned to me in determining I had psoriatic arthritis as PsA is non-symmetrical apparently. The areas affected for me are both shoulders and hands, right wrist, right hip, right sacroiliac joint, left knee, right foot and now apparently right elbow.

  • wendy19
    wendy19 Member Posts: 12

    Thank you for the comments, they have mentioned Psoriatic arthritis so that could be why.

  • JenHB
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    I've been told I've got RA but am unsymmetrical! Left knee first (which was what started off the investigations) but the right knee is starting to get involved and middle knuckle on right hand.