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Hi I have OA, Raynauds and sjorgrens, I've been diagnosed with UCTD (undifferentiated connective tissue disease) I'm on Hydroxylchlooquine and see the Rheumatologist approximately every 6 months.

I seem to be having flareups for prolonged periods of time I feel exhausted and in pain daily. My hair is thinning again and I don't seem to be getting any stronger. How long does a flare up last? I understand we are all different, but I feel I'm like this more than not.

I am just finding it difficult to do basic things without needing rest or sleep and it's incredibly frustrating as I like to have a positive outlook on things.

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  • Tom
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    Welcome to the forum, @150. I see that you have several autoimmune conditions and are having more and longer flareups.

    Here are some hints on pain management:

    and improving sleep:

    I hope you find these useful. Please keep posting and let us know how you get on.

    Tom, Moderator.

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    Cat, sorry to see that your flare ups are getting prolonged and that these are affecting your positive outlook on life. What has your Rheumatology team said about the effect they are having on you?

    Many of us try to stay positive using different distractions, like exercise, gardening, creating, playing/listening to music. It is trial and error and compromise and that is often where the frustration creeps in. Trying to get back to what we used to be when maybe instead we should be striving for a new slimmed down version.

    Keep in touch there is loads of support on here.

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    have you spoken to the GP? It may be worth them doing wider blood tests just to rule anything else out. I know I had low level fatigue (and my joints were behaving) and the GP found that my vitamin D was borderline insufficient so now also take a vitamin D supplement.