Knee Surgery

I am on the waiting list for knee surgery after suffering years of pain, now I have becoming really anxious after reading up all the horror stories people have experienced. I’ve got to have it done as I can barely walk but I’m just so scared I won’t get through this


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    I think you've been reading in all the wrong places. What horror stories? According to this article in The Lancet "An analysis that used the UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) database was published in 2017, and estimated survival of TKR to be 89·7% (95% CI 87·5–91·5) at 20 years." (,%C2%B75)%20at%2020%20years. )

    Remember, people are very happy to moan about problems when things go wrong but have better things to do with a beautiful new knee joint than post on the internet. I've had three TKRs. The first one was 27 when it had to be replaced. All have been great. OK, the 42 yr old one is now utterly knackered and possibly beyond repair but it has served me well and I have no regrets at all.

    If you want to stack the odds in your favour then start on your quad execises now. Build up muscle strength. Don't smoke. Eat healthily. Be in control. Stop reading about failures. Remember they are very much the minority. And have fun with your beautiful, shiny new knee😁

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