Disturbed Sleep and Hand Splints

Since very early on with PsA I've woken almost every night between 3-4am and the first thing I've felt is my aching, stiff hands. I usually then spend some time doing my hand exercises to ease off the stiffness before trying to get back to sleep. Last year I was referred to orthopaedics as my left middle fingers joints were locking sporadically at any time in the day - what rheumatology referred to as 'mechanical' issues. It's really a problem as I'm left handed and like cooking - an accident waiting to happen. I'd had this back in 2019 - before any talk of PsA - when I had been diagnosed with trigger finger and had injections into the base of my fingers which relieved the condition . I saw an orthopaedics consultant last Thursday regarding my locking fingers and he's not sure what's going on and has referred me for an MRI of my hand. However in conversation I mentioned about wakening in the night with stiff, aching hands. After checking out both hands he had me fitted for extremely long hand splints with a contoured metal plate in them which he instructed me to wear at night in bed. These extend up my arm to about 100mm from my elbow - I think he said they were normally used for carpal tunnel sufferers. Well I've now had 4 nights when I haven't woken at 3-4am and my hands aren't as stiff first thing in the morning.


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    Many years ago, before my wrists and several finger joints fused, I was prescribed some night splints. Back then, these consisted of plaster of Paris cut so that my forearm could wriggle in and held on with crepe bandages. They did help a lot. But, when i turned over in bed, I had to be careful not to K.O. Mr SW.

    I hope yours continue to do a great job. The days are so much easier when the nights are good.

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