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Mr SW came home walletless. Again. This has been a recurring event in our long marriage. Usually it turns up in a pocket or somewhere on the car floor. Not this time. He retraced his steps/wheels and found, to his relief and delight, that someone had handed it in at Tesco. This is virtually a carbon copy of an event last time we were both in USA, pre-covid. For Tesco substitute Vons.

We can't thank the finder as the supermarket don't give out names. In USA the kind gentleman refused to be taken out for a meal. He was just doing the right thing. Of course he was but isn't it heartwarming?

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    There are indeed some good folks around. A few years ago I managed to leave my laptop bag in the back of a Taxi when the driver dropped me off at London Bridge Tube Station. It wasn't until I got the Paddington I realised my mistake and to compound my loss, there was nearly £3000 worth of business receipts in the bag and without them I would be unable to claim them back as expenses.

    To my very pleasant surprise, the taxi driver had looked through my bag, found my business cards and called me on my mobile offering to drive all the way over to Paddington and give it back to me. Needless to say, he had a very generous tip for his trouble. I'm not so sure an Uber driver would have done that.