Arthritis of the spine

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Is it possible for pain from spinal arthritis to be referred to the chest and not felt in the spine?😯


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    What are you meaning? pain in the chest I hope you are meaning your breastbone and not anything more scary? I'm sure you've seen a Dr about it chest pain should always be investigated.

    My back pain has always been felt in the spine sometimes down my legs and even in my feet.


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    Obviously all chest pain should be taken seriously and seek medical advice, my arthritis gave me bad chest pain and acid reflex I would say the acid reflex gave me the milder chest pains but the real bad chest pains (felt like my lungs were being crushed) were caused when my arthritis flared up in my spine. The pains were so bad that I had to go to A+E many times only to find out that there was nothing wrong with my heart or lungs, I always felt like I was wasting the hospitals time. Now I'm on treatment for my arthritis the regular chest pains have gone. Best of luck with your health 👍

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    Hi @Essexnatt

    Welcome to the online community,great you are posting

    it would be good if you could tell us about your journey with arthritis as we could help you more

    Please continue to chat and enjoy the forum

    All the best Christine

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