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A bit of a moan

I had a total knee replacement 9 weeks ago and recovery has been hampered by firstly getting an infection in the wound and then the wound refusing to heal on places. I have for the past week had to wear a splint to prevent me from bending my knee to try and stop the wounds opening up.

Trying to move when wearing a splint has let to all the other places which are somewhat achy such as my back all joining to party. Sleeping whilst wearing a splint is also very hard. And of course all the post op exercises to make my knee knee work better are out of bounds.

Fingers crossed that when I see the surgeon today the wounds will have healed enough for me to be able to move more normally and that the joint has stiffened up again


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    Re above…should have proof read this. I’m hoping my joint WON’T have stiffened up again.

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    Best of luck for today.

    I had to wear a splint after my knee revision as the surgeon had done some embroidery with some tendons or ligaments or somesuch. Only when walking, though. It was an enormous thigh to ankle contraption and I looked as if I was going out to open the batting for England. It worked, th9ugh. Never looked back.

    You'll catch up with the exercises. My original TKRs were done in 1981. Bqck then you couldn't walk on them for 10 days. Getting started was tough but you just keep plugging away.


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