Steroid flare...?


I was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my right knee and told I also have arthritis in right ankle. After 3mths of constant pain I was offered a steroid injection in my knee. I had that 4 days ago and despite noticing a massive improvement the next day I've had a lot of pain again since yesterday 72hrs post injection.

I'm wondering whether this is normal? I've read about flare ups after the injection and not sure if this is what's happening or whether despite the doctor telling me no rest was required afterwards whether I should have rested more.

As the knee felt so good the following day I did my MSK exercises the joint was a bit stiff and cracking at the time and I've been to work the last two days. My job involves lots of bending, lifting and carrying so wondering have I done more harm than good?

I've read flares are meant to ease 1-5 days post injection whereas with my knee the pain didn't get worse again until 3 days afterwards.

Is this normal...?

What are others experiences?

There's no redness or heat or any more swelling than I had prior to the injection so don't think it's an infection, just pain returned to same levels as before the injection.

Will it ease in the coming days?


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    Hello @dansmam

    I am sure you will get some response from members who have had steroid injections in their knees, but I thought this information from our website might be of some help:

    Do keep posting and let us know how you get on.



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    Was it the unexpected extra movement. No injection here, no steroid, but I did notice my knees were loosening up, so I took them through a full range of movement lying on my back. They didn't like it. There was no significant pain but they went stiff for a day, until I took an anti inflammatory to settle them back down. They responded well to the anti inflammatory, so no real harm done. They continue to loosen up and currently able to press 40kg in the leg press at the gym.