Osteoarthritis and Ileostomy

Hi everyone, I haven't been on here for a while but just thought I would try and see if there is anyone out there who is experiencing a similar situation to me? I have Osteoarthritis of the left hip and at the end of August last year I had to have emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction which resulted in my having to have a stoma fitted. I am not going into any details after all this is a group to help arthritis sufferers. But is there anyone out there who has the same? If anyone was to ask me which problem I find the hardest and most depressing I would say the arthritis, it has got worse since my hospital stay and I have really struggled to cope with that and the trials of living with a stoma. It's getting out of bed twice a night and finding it so painful to move! I can't move very quickly so struggle with bathing etc. I can't work anymore but luckily DWP and PIP seem to have sorted my money out so I am not worried about that. I wondered if any one has any tips to make life a little easier coping with both issues, I think you don't know what it's like until you go through it. On a positive note I found a good garden tool to help me pull out weeds without bending down and I am managing to cut my lawn weather permitting. I try to stay positive but it's so hard when you are in pain. I would really appreciate any tips it could even be something I hadn't thought of and it could make all the difference to me. Many thanks for reading this



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    A double problem @Robin59 . i had half my bowel removed about five years ago when it twisted but my lovely surgeon, after seeing my hands, promised he'd do all he could to avoid a stoma and he managed it. I was very lucky. I don't know how i could have coped with one.

    A friend, in his late 70s but no arthritis, has had one for years and copes magnificently even travelling on difficult transport in foreign parts. I guess one or the other is OK but both a stoma and arthritis must be really difficult. Have the stoma or bowel people any advice?

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    Thank you stickywicket for your comment! I can honestly say there has not been any support for me having both of these problems and also type 2 diabetes. It's as if nurses specialise in one thing and don't have any knowledge or understanding of anything else. For example what I was encouraged to eat as a diabetic is not suitable with a stoma so it's difficult to know what are the right things to eat. I must admit when I am having a bad day I do think how much better I would cope with not having arthritis as it makes life difficult with the stoma. I didn't have the option of not having one as mine was an emergency operation after a bowel obstruction, I just wish there was something that would help this cold weather is definitely not helping. I love my garden and am trying to focus on what I can still do and not what I can't do, very difficult at times. 😥