Do I get things done, or do I get things moving

After a lifetime of SMART planning that gets thing done, I am beginning to think I need something more in line with wellbeing that gets things moving. Some kind of plan that includes movement, meds and physio, thank you very much. Whats more it needs to work while I am doing stuff. Going to the gym once a week doesn't quite cut the mustard or keep me in the zone.

I have tried Tai Chi and I think thats pretty close to what I want all day, but its fizzled out under this relentless pressure to 'get things done' that I seem to be stuck with.


  • Trish9556
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    Hi @Baloo

    Try just making a list of your priorities and change it over a few days until it works for you (boring I know but as a recently retired PA it was the only way I got things done.)

    If Tai chi is one if your favourites, stick it at the top.

    Exercise can be done at any time if you're able by adjusting what you do. Even unpacking shopping can be used as a form if exercise if you think of cans as weights. What can you do while waiting for that kettle to boil? Loading and unloading washing machines and dishwashers? Admittedly those will never be as good as going to the gym but maybe you could still fit that in weekly to supplement the daily grind exercises.

    Daily life is movement, if you need or want to move more, what's your favourite way...I love walking when I'm able and incorporate walking with taking my camera out to my favourite places. We also go on day trips out with a local bus company. New places to go and investigate. When we find somewhere we like we book and hotel or b and b and stay a few days. My hips will be complaining by the time I get home but always a good day out for the mind bodyand soul.

    We shouldn't be ruled by the pain we all have to various degrees so work out your list and fit everything else around those.

    Routine of meds can't be changed and that does limit us but rather than think you have to be hone to take your many meds, invest in a weekly box with different ones for each day, split into am lunch pm and as required then just take your daily box out wherever you are going. I have one that's different colours for each day. I fill up my box weekly which is also a reminder to order those meds in advance of them running out.

    Organisation is key to getting stuff done and once you know what your priorities are, life is easier. I still make lists to my husband's annoyance. A bit long winded but hopefully you get the gist?

    Love n hugs

    Trish xx

  • Baloo
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    Something sensible turned up. My current priority was to stay tidy on a small list of items, settee, kitchen, work bag, back wall. and move on to any projects. Meanwhile arthritis has made activity slower and resting more frequent and more frequent need to nurse my aches and pains. I just made sense to do the tidying up, and then have an update on wellbeing before I carry on. If nothing else it provides a more reliable time when I will check what my health is doing.