Still Ouch with my Scar

Hi Folks,

Hope you're all keeping your peckers up. Not always easy.

I continue to recover well. I'm now back on a stick, having been pushed forward by the physio last Monday. It was like being let out of prison!! Off I went into town, enjoying watching the world go by whilst enjoying a Greggs.

But I'm a little worried about something I wanted to ask about. It's now almost 6 weeks since my operation, and nearly 4 weeks since the clips were taken out by the practice nurse. She noticed that there was a spot mid scar that looked a little bit more raw than the rest. She was going to put some stripe on it, but decided against it and just put and overall dressing on for a few days after the clips were removed.

The problem is, that patch has never stopped being more tender than the rest, and yesterday, I sat bed and it pulled back the skin as I sunk into the bed, and the scar really hurt at that spot. I couldn't see any blood loss, and the carer this morning said it looked more inflamed than the rest of the scar, but that it wasn't open.

Do you think it's time to revisit the practice nurse? Nearly 6 weeks does seem a long time.

Any ideas?

Sheelee xx


  • Louisa77
    Louisa77 Administrator Posts: 245

    Hi @Sheelee

    I would definitely recommend you get the nurse to take a look and check all is well. Always better to be on the safe side.

    Hope it's all ok and good to see you are getting back into town and able to sit and watch the world go by 😊

    Best wishes


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  • MaureenB
    MaureenB Member Posts: 29

    Hi Shellee

    I had my hip replaced in November 2022. My scar healed really well though I found when I had my first hip replacement, that the leg below the scar hurt when I slept or lay on that side for around a year. This time round I have had a strange pulling sensation from the scar, as if the surgeon caught too much tissue in one spot when stitching. At times its given me a pain. But its gradually getting better.

    Worth you getting it checked out. Your body will no doubt continue to give you odd twinges at time as it settles into its new state.

    Enjoy your new mobility and keep on recovering

  • MrDJ
    MrDJ Member Posts: 266

    I would defo get it checked out with the nurse just to be on the safe side.

    I had a total hip replacement back in the late 90's and up until this day ive never been able to lay on that side since. its also soar to touch and numb in parts. no biggy as its the best op ive had done. only problem is my right knee has been buggered for years and now im feeling the strain on my right hip.

    Had a dexa scan yesterday as they say my vitamin d is very low so now on 25,000 tablet once a week.

    guess being isolated for 3 years doesnt help.

    hope it settles down soon.

  • Lilymary
    Lilymary Member Posts: 1,733

    My scars still hurt 2 years on, and like MrDJ it’s only recently I’ve been able to sleep on my operated side. I get a lot of nerve tenderness right down the leg too. But it only really hurts or feels odd if I poke it, so I just stopped poking it.

    I also had a section which took a long time to heal, the surgeon eventually admitted his hand had slipped while using a rasp to prepare the bone for the implant. 😳 I kept changing dressing on it for weeks, but it wouldn’t stop weeping (it wasn’t hot or infected). Every time I took the dressing off it pulled off the scab and we were back to square one. Eventually on a warm day I just left the dressing off and wandered around at home in my knickers 😳😳😳 and let the air get to it, and it healed up much more quickly - within 2 days I didn’t need to put a dressing on and it continued healing normally.