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Hi. I have had RA for the last 5 years. Lots of trials of drug combos. I have around 4 major flares every year. Work have been understanding, particularly as I WFH.a great deal. But, I am struggling. I'm 61 now and having real issues with every flare. The specialist treats it all very blaze but this is my life. I need something that's going to manage the swelling and the pain enough for me to concentrate on my work. I cannot afford any further time off. Last time, OH said if I wanted, they would look into details around medical retirement. I just want to find these details out myself so I can make an informed choice. Even discussing it with OH feels like waving a white flag. I'm down but I'm not out. I just know that I don't have it in me to cope with working and another flare which is already grumbling. What are my options here?


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    Hello @Klanning and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    I understand that you are looking for information around medical retirement. Have a look at the following article from our website, hopefully it might help.

    It might also be worth giving our Helpline a call on 0800 5200 520 as they may be able to point you towards more information relevant to your circumstances, besides which they are an impartial third party you can discuss with openly without the worry it is your company OC.

    Hope it goes well, best wishes

    Peter (moderator)

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    Morning @Klanning I took my council pension in 2018 due to my oa wrists fused knees replaced ankle fusion it was a straight forward process...

    You apply to your pension provider or the admin that you want your pension early on medical grounds due to RA or OA ect they send you a 4-5 page to fill in rember its about your worse day send copys of drs notes referals reports...

    They send you to a Dr of their choice mine took about 6 months...

    Word of warning once you start the ball rolling very hard to stop as you will be retired on medical grounds and your N,insurance will reflect it you win't get another job good luck i got my lump sum and a monthly but i was a derered member thanks Peter..

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    Hi @Klanning

    If you are in a union they can help get the information you need. If you work for a large company on a final salary pension you should be able to get the information from the pension department. When I was 60 I'd had an issue with my back and my boss suggested that I should apply for medical retirement. I looked into it and for my company/pension medical retirement would mean the years I was still scheduled to work would be added (at a reduced rate) to my pension calculation as if I'd worked them. The pension would have been paid immediately but there would have been no redundancy payment. I didn't go for it as the company then decided to outsource my department and it was more beneficial to me to take the redundancy payment as the first £30K is tax free.

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    Hi, I'm new to the group and need some advice please. Last year a had septic arthritis in my left knee, up until then I didn't know I had arthritis. After two and a half weeks in hospital then 4 weeks of nurses coming to my home to give me intravenous antibiotics, I was left with osteoarthritis. September last year I was diagnosed with spinal arthritis. I applied for attendance allowance but was rejected as I didn't have a disability. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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    Hi @lizzybel and welcome to the versus arthritis community.

    You've probably already looked at the article signposted above by Noddingtonpete but if not it may be helpful.

    Hopefully you will receive some useful feedback from forum members. In addition it's worth considering calling our helpline (see number below) as they should be able to offer advice based upon your specific situation.

    I hope you receive some helpful feedback.

    Best wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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