24 years old and finally diagnosed!

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Hello everyone!

My name is Christie, I am 24 years old and living in Essex.

I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in January this year after suffering with extreme pain for over a year. It was a massive shock at first but I am slowly coming to terms with it, and starting to get used to taking medication every day! 😅

My main pains are in my ankles, heels and a few of my fingers so I havent been able to walk well in over a year which has been extremely difficult for me due to losing my job over it and having to quit hobbies I once enjoyed - but hoping the medication will start to make life easier!

Absolutely any advice would be amazing and also if there is any younger people suffering to talk to as many of my friends don't understand the feeling.

Thank you so much! 💗


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    Hi @ChristieParis

    welcome to the online community,glad you have decided to chat and join our community.

    You write that you have been diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis recently and are hopeing to get advice and talk to younger people who are like you as your friends dont understand what you are going through.

    Although it was a massive shock and the pain was really bad you have come to terms with the diagnosis.

    Here are a few links that may help

    Hope you get some answers with these links.please keep in touch and tell us how you get on and do chat to others on the forum as it often helps to talk everyone will understand you on the forum as we all have some form of arthritis.

    All the best Christine


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  • I was diagnosed at 17 and am now 35. It is hard to explain to people what you are feeling pain and fatigue etc. Simple tasks take it out of but people hear arthritis and think but of joint pain. I try explaining it to people that how they feel when they have something like the flu is how I feel on a daily basis without the snotty nose.

    it's taken me many years to realise I can be my own worst enemy, learn your limits and don’t feel bad about not being able to do things you once could. Keeping mobile and moving is really good for you but don’t push too hard and build yourself up. Hopefully the medication will help you once it has kicked in. Good luck.