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I have severe OA, primarily in my left hip. I already know that the pain can be quite bad on some days, almost manageable on others. I have begun to experience something I have not felt up til now, and just wonder what's up. I can be still, standing or lying down, and feeling very little pain, when suddenly the most horrendous shooting pain goes through my hip. It is enough to make me scream. I couldn't even describe the pain to my husband because I've never experienced anything quite like it. It must be some sort of nerve pain, but why all of a sudden & why when I am not even moving the joint? I used to love finding that magic position that was pain-free, but now I never know when this new horror will strike!


  • frogmorton
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    I think quite a few of us get shooting pains from time to time. I have always presumed it was nerve pain too, Embarrassing if it strikes in public and makes you make a noise. If I get a session of it - like it's happening repeatedly one night - I do take an anti-inflammatory which does help.

    Wonder if anyone else knows a better method🤔

    Take care

    Toni x

  • Hermione
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    I have OA and RA and feet, hands and hips are affected but at the moment not too severe. For a long time I've had rare random episodes of excruciating shooting pain in my feet and above my knees which only lasts a second or so and only at rest - never when moving. It's like being stabbed with a sharp needle, much, much worse than an injection, and travels up my whole body so I assume it is nerve pain. It does seem to come in clusters. It makes me gasp and flinch. As it's so random I don't think taking painkillers would be any use and I've heard painkillers can be useless for neuro pain. I've never mentioned to a rheumatologist as it happens quite rarely. Sorry, no solutions but at least moral support from a fellow sufferer!

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    You just reminded me of something even more odd that has been going on for a bit longer. Separate from the new shooting hip pain, I periodically have an equally painful twinge right at the tip of my second toe. Not the joint, the tippiest tip, like someone is sticking that sharp needle right through my toe nail! How's that for a crazy symptom?!