Since I have been having more pain from my hip, I have decided to listen to the folks who say that good, supportive shoes are essential. I ordered some highly-rated ortho shoes (not cheap), and tried them as soon as they arrived. They are not a heavy shoe, but they do feel oddly heavy on my feet, almost like I can't pick up my feet as I need to in order not to stub my toe. I have been guilty of wearing easy slip-on shoes like Crocs or something similar, so maybe I just need to get used to a more supportive shoe, but so far I'm not thrilled. Does anyone have any really good, really COMFORTABLE shoes to suggest? I remember years ago I had a pair of Sketchers that were oh, so comfy, but that was before all my aches and pains. Another consideration is that I don't want shoes that cost as much as a car payment if I can avoid it.


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    Since having a hip replaced in 2021 I've found slip-on Sketchers to be really comfortable for both my replacement hip and the other which is deteriorating with OA. There usually seems to be good deals on Sketchers both online and in some local shops if you're prepared to compromise a little on colour, etc. For extra support on longer walks I wear lace-up Ecco boots but they don't provide the cushioning in the soles which I prefer. After the hip operation I've avoided Crocs and the like except for popping outside as after the op my balance isn't quite as good. Before the onset of OA I nearly always preferred Ecco shoes which do seem to last longer than Sketchers and perhaps provide a little more side to side stability.

    Sorry to ramble but the choice of shoes is a very personal thing and I am quite fussy.

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    I agree that the wrong shoes can make everything feel worse. I think I will return my heavy-feeling shoes and go with the Skechers that I found very comfortable in the past. Here's a warning to others who are shoe-shopping though: If you search for shoes on sale you may see ads for super low prices, usually saying they are an "outlet store" or "warehouse". This is most likely a case of things being too good to be true. I googled a couple of these that I saw and people were saying that they either received nothing at all or something totally different from what was promised. I did find a good price on Amazon (60% off),

    but as you mentioned only a certain color/style was on sale. Good thing I'm not too picky!

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    Experiencing hip pain, I bought highly-rated ortho padel shoes. They feel heavy and challenging to lift. Need comfortable padel shoe recommendations that offer good support without being too expensive. Appreciate any suggestions!

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    I'm so sorry I don't know what padel shoes are? Is it a brand? If so not one I've heard of. I do however also wear skechers like other people in this thread with my custom made orthotics.

    Hope you can find what you need.

    Take care

    toni x

  • I've been living in my Doc Marten Voss sandals all summer and they're the most comfortable shoes I own! Struggled for ages with back pain and no support/ too much in the arches of my feet and would be in considerable pain when walking around for longer than half hour or so. Did my research and bit the bullet to pay a higher price than I would normally, but I'm so glad I did. I've been diagnosed with HSD in the last two months and the stability of these have been really helpful. Fingers crossed I can find a good boot for the winter too and hopefully they serve me well for years to come 🙏

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    Apologies for the hijack @TLee I just want to quickly welcome @Victoria97

    I'm very glad to hear that you found some lovely sandals for the summer after your recent diagnosis of HSD

    (Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder) and hope you can find something to suit for the wetter cooler and potentially more slippery weather ahead of us.

    There is some advice here:

    I hope you'll find the forum helpful and am very pleased you've found us.

    Best wishes


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    Have you looked at Vionics? They are really good. My L5 is fused to my Sacrum so I suffer back pain and have also got problems with my feet where the arch has collapsed. I found Skechers ok ish but you have to make sure you buy ones with more support. I went down the route of orth insoles from shoe in soles, (Hope this is ok?) I was then recommended to try Fitville trainers, rebound core and boy oh boy ive been able to walk much further than I’ve managed in years. I bought mine that come from China so take a couple of weeks but so worth it. I now have 4 pairs. I believe Amazon sell them too. I hope is helps.

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    There is a shop in Shrewsbury called Shuropody. They do made to measure inserts (not cheap!) and also sell several supportive makes Joya ,Hotter, You don't tend to find these in high street shoe shops. Having said that the only shoes I could find to fit the inserts in and fit my feet and have velcro fastening was much cheaper. But I have artritis in both ankles, fallen arches, and MS. Consequently my walking is really bad and the inserts do make a difference.