Psoriatic arthritis weird symptoms

Hi guys, so I’ve been getting some wierd symptoms on and off for months , some of them a couple of years. The gp has said it’s chronic migraines , not sure if that’s associated with the PsA . Also I get what can only be described as electric jolts in my nerves , down my whole body sometimes just my head, it happens when I move my head. I have tingling twitches on my face , a random cold wet patch feeling on my bum check and my left leg has got really skinny. I also see a blavk dot . Some days are worse than orhers so makes me think it’s some kind of flare. I can’t find anything about it online with psa , I didn’t tell doctor about the leg and cold patch, there’s so much going on I always forget. But know I e noticed my leg it’s slightly worrying. Thanks for listening.


  • noddingtonpete
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    Hi @Davie1984

    I'm sure you are aware that PsA often leads to other issues so I think you maybe need to get yourself checked out. One of the possible side effects is Uveitis. When I was diagnosed with PsA I was told that I needed to have annual eye tests and to let the optician know I've PsA as uveitis is a known issue with 7-20% of PsA sufferers.

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    Thanks @noddingtonpete and @jamieA . Last year when I was unwell with methotrexate I went to the optician and he said the fibres at the back of my left eye were breaking off, and he’d expect to see that with someone twice my age (I’m 38). The left eye has astigmatism so everything is blurry out this eye. The right eye goes out of focus sometimes. By the time I see rheumatologist again things have settled somewhat . The mri on my spine showed inflammation so I’m thinking of paying for mri on my head to see if anything shows , as gp and rheumatology seem a little reluctant to investigate . I started the Humira injections a couple of weeks ago and the fatigue has lifted a little . Thanks again for your comments guys, very much appreciated.