Lumber Stenosis

Havent been on here for a few years since my double left ankle fusion but back problems sciatic pain for 14 months numb ankle right foot and pain right buttock pain and invisible spider crawling up leg feeling...

Saw spinal team i have a pretty wrecked back L2-L3 fused themselves degenative scolliosis spondalitis spondeolithsis s1-L5 spurs Lumber stenosis bulging disks...

I had to google most words after the Mri had a house move and marridge last year so symptoms put to the back excuse the pun life time of spoting abuse marathon running /Aikido for 30 years alot of high falls rock climbing of road biking so pretty wrecked im due to see surgeon next month surgery end of year decompression and a disk fushion as lots of bone to go...

So any one on here had the same or near opp who does a manual job im a bent over the mower gardener surgeon was surprised im still working so if you have what was the outcome on the leg pain thanks Peter...


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    Hi @remmingtonwildhunter

    Welcome to the online community,so glad you are asking questions and seeking answers.

    You write that you havent been on the forum for a little while not since your double ankle fusion on the left ankle leaving you in pain and a feeling of spiders going up and down your leg and great pain in right buttock.

    Also your spinal problems on L2and L3 having fused themselves degenerative scolliosis spondalytis also L5 spurs lumber stenosis you are due to see the surgeon next month with surgery at the end of the year.

    You are wondering if any one has been through the same journey if so what was the result of the leg pain.and conclusion of it all.

    what a lot you have and are going through,i would encourage you to go nto our forums and chat to others it often helps and please keep in touch and tell us how you are getting on.Here are a few links that may help

    All the best and stay in touch Christine

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