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Following many investigations I have plain old arthritis, one of my drs told me my knee is only half ready to be fixed. Ok so at moment I have arthritis in both hands, fingers wrist both hips, right knee replaced 5 years ago starting to get a lot of niggles from it. My left knee is giving me a lot of pain but on the inside knee if I accidentally twist or overstretch I’m wobbly, had and appointment with specialist who put second injection in knee not really working also advise self refer to MSK physiotherapy advised can’t self refer due to back pain. Phone all from drs 12 month wait was going to send exercise sheet he looked at hip X-ray which shows wear and tear on back still wait for exercise sheets at moment ant I can find involve lying on floor, problem I can get down through watching exercise with Leon but arthritis in shoulder and hand make exercising on floor an impossibility. On a good note I’ve lost 2&1/2 stone and my ankles don’t hurt is there an exercise sheet video I can follow specifically for back I seem to only be able to do things In half hour spurts

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    Hi Babbie, sorry to hear you're having such a tough time. I gave up on NHS physios years ago. Very long waiting lists, only very limited number of consultations allowed, a few exercises on a sheet of A4 the end result, by which time we are so dispirited no one bothers doing them, and there's no follow up to see if you've moved on and the exercises need to be reviewed and changed. Sadly we have to face it - the NHS is now broken, despite the best efforts of their heroic staff, and we have to look elsewhere when we can't get what we need at the time that we need it.

    I use a private Chartered Physiotherapist, she is available at relatively short notice (usually within 10 days, often less), as many consultations as you could feel you need. They will review your entire range of mechanical movement (not just one joint) and give an exercise regime, or treatments, appropriate to you, and review at intervals that you both feel is appropriate. They're really not that expensive in the broader scheme of things - it probably varies depending on where you are, but mine charges about £75 for the first consultation and £50 for each half hour session thereafter.

    I hope this helps.

    But well done losing all that weight! Rock star! I'm just starting my weight loss journey, I know it will help my mobility. I have very gentle half hour riding lessons (you've got to have some fun in life) and got stuck half way across his back when mounting off a very high mounting block. It nearly ended very badly, and was a bit of a wake up call - I need to sort myself out! Keep up the good work xx

  • Hi @Babbie

    Thank you for posting on the online community.

    I am sorry to hear about the challenging time you are going through, though would really like to say very well done on your weight loss that’s brilliant, and glad to hear that your ankles don’t hurt. 

    I have read the response from @Lilymary and hope it’s helpful to you. I have given you a link to our exercises where you will also find exercises specific to the back. I have also given a link to exercises from the NHS which includes other links that might be helpful for you:

    It might be helpful if you repost on the living with arthritis forum, where you can gain some experiences and tips from others on the forum.

    I hope this is of some help.

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