N-Stride injections

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Hello everyone.

I've recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees. I'm a 44 years old woman who loves my exercise.

My consultant has recommended n-stride injections for both knees which would be self-funded. However, i'm also told that in 20% of cases n-stride injections are not effective.

I'm currently weighing up whether to try the treatment and whether I should try it out on one or both knees. If I try it out on one knee and I am one of the 20% that this treatment doesn't benefit, I will not have had to have paid out for two lots of injections.

Does anyone have experience of n-stride injections and their effectiveness? If one knee was effectively treated, would this indicate that the other knee would respond in the same way, and vice versa, if the treatment didn't work in one knee, would it indicate that it probably wouldn't work in the other knee?

Thanks in advance for any advice .