Ouch!! Now my hands!!

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Hi everyone

My first post on here and hoping to connect with fellow sufferers and gain valuable tips and advice.

My journey with rheumatology started over ten years ago when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was lucky enough to be able to take early retirement from my job and continued to live a fairly active life until about 5 years ago when I started experiencing pain in my hips and legs. To cut a long story short I have since had both hips replaced and they are great now. However, I am now having a lot of pain in both my back and both hands. From a MRI, I know I have arthritis in my spine, plus several protruding discs, which explains the pain in my back.

My hands are really concerning me as they seem to be getting more and more painful, particularly my thumbs and I have noduals on a few fingers. I am trying to do hand exercises and take strong painkillers when needed but would be grateful for any advice.


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    Hi @Judi1012

    I've had problems with my hands since 2020. I've been using compression gloves since early 2021 and they do seem to help me both by retaining heat and compression. I saw an orthopaedics consultant a couple of weeks ago about locking fingers and happened to mention that I was waking almost every night with sore, stiff hands. He provided what he called night splints for me to wear overnight and they seem to be working for me. He said they are normally provided for carpal tunnel sufferers. They are really long - ending about 100mm from my elbows - with a shaped metal support running from the palm of my hand up my forearm and 5 velcro fastenings. I don't think you could wear them during the day as they restrict your hand movements so I swap to compression gloves during the day.

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    I was referred to the Hand Clinic at my local hospital and saw a wonderful OT who gave me exercises and the correct kind of supports (there are many kinds and you need to be careful you get the correct ones for your problem), I am now awaiting an op where a small bone is removed at the base of the thumb. Can't remember what it is called and probably can't spell it either.

    I bought, on the OT's advise, some orthopaedic putty (bit like plasticene) and I can sit using it while I'm listening to the radio or watching TV. I have different splint that have a metal support down teh sid eof the thumb, much better than the carpal tunnel ones.

    Physios/OTs seem to know more than surgeons.

    My question will be when I get the op (the other hand needs doing to) is ........ how will I do up my bra!!!!

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    Lol......I have enough trouble doing my bra up atm!!!! If I could, I would just go without.....but that's not an option I'm afraid!!! Putting socks on is a similar problem for me with my back, hips etc. However, I have this wonderful contraption that I really couldn't do without.

    Hope the op is successful when you have it.

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    Hi @Moira

    I assume your surgery is a trapeziectomy? I had mine in 2020 and very glad I did!

    Give up on doing up your own bra immediately post op, your hand/forearm will be in plaster , in a big blue marshmallow type support and a sling for two weeks then you'll have a hand splint made for you for the next couple of weeks which you'll only remove for physio and bathing.

    I found anything with big baggy sleeves that buttoned up the front the only sort of things I could wear for the first few weeks.

    Therapy balls are also very good and again in a different strength same as the putty.


    If the problem is with your thumb use the smaller splints that just go round the wrist and across the palm with velcro strapping across the thumb. Try not to use them for long periods as you need to keep moving your thumb when you can.

    Little packets of goodness are either little hotties or hot hands. Available in a pack of two in most shops they are air activated and keep hot for about 12 hours each. I buy mine by the box from online shops and work out about half the cost of buying individual packs. Safer too than using creams on your hands. They do get very hot and perfect for popping inside gloves or splints

    Love n hugs to you both.

    Trish xx