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How's everyone going with there arthritis joints I'm still not good with joints but wat can u do bout it as you can't do alot with joints but what's best thing to do I have Cimza injection to help it..I'm just wondering wat other do.



  • frogmorton
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    Hi @Tigs

    Not doing too badly ATM hope you are pretty well the same. I'm glad the cimzia is helping you.

    I eat sensibly, keeping the weight down and walk pretty well every day even if some days much much less than others.

    I take my regular meds as prescribed and my PRN painkillers and anti-inflams as and when I need them. Throw in my microwaveable wheatbags/ ice packs and tens machine as and when necessary.

    Along with a large dose of distraction and mind over matter I do ok 😊


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    That's ok I'm badly struggling with pain in my fingers wrist but now I've lost gd friend she's block me on Facebook left me so I'm in bad place now