Spring 2023 Covid jab

Hi All

Me finally got my 7th jab yesterday. They almost boo boo'd as they gave my 97 year old mum the latest new Sanofi jab and even though my form stated methotrexate and anti tnf infusion he was about to give me that as well when i stopped him and said are you sure.

he went off and was back and forth 4 times to a doctor then came back and said we cant give you this one so had to search high and low for a bottle of Phizer bivalent.

So for anyone going for a jab soon its worth mentioning mtx and infusion if you are on both of these drugs. No idea why they cant give me the newer jab but no matter what in two weeks time it my infusion so will wash the covid protection out of my system before its given me any full protection.

roll on jab 8 :(