Having a flare as had to be off Tocilizumab for 8 weeks due to heel abscess. Feeling pretty miserable today. Took ages to dress this morning. Started with JIA at 13 and now 54 so been round the block and then some with this wretched disease. Just feel like having a moan on here as being 'brave' in the outside world is exhausting 😩


  • stickywicket
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    You are right @BeCoops . Being brave is exhausting. So are arthritis flares. Put the two together and who could blame you for a very slight moan on here among those of us who get it because we've got it.

    I do hope the abcess heals quickly so that you can get back on the tocilizumab.

    Do you have anyone with whom you can just be yourself and not have to be relentlessly brave? I know you've had years of practice at dealing with this but sometimes it can still get to us.

    All I can say is if the first lot of antibios is nearing the end and the abcess isn't completely healed do get medical advice and maybe more antibios. Don't leave a gap for the infection to take hold again.Good luck.

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    May you find the wellbeing support that you need @BeCoops . We can hope that science and medicine will one day conquer the immune system as they conquered COVID. We may yet live to see the day, and what a day it will be.

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    Thank you @stickywicket & @Baloo@Bal for your kind words of encouragement. I did have IV antibiotics in hospital when the abscess was drained so infection has gone now. Just got to wait for the wound to heal before starting biologics again. I have a wonderful sister who understands and a great partner. Thanks once again for your kind words 🙏