Ankle joint replacement vs fusion

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im really hoping there will be people on here that may be able to give me their personal experiences with either ankle replacements or ankle fusion surgery.

long story short I was diagnosed with PA at 17, I’m now 35 and having real problems with one of my ankles. After years of asking for help with it I’m now under a specialist but have received conflicting information as to which is going to be the best course of action. I’m going to look at a private consultation for a second opinion as I won’t be given a surgical option just yet but after years of being robbed off I want to try get as much info as possible. Thanks


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    Hello @vivalasam87

    I don't have personal experience but you may find this information from our website helpful:

    Hopefully others with experience will some forward with help for you. It's good to get a second opinion at any rate.

    Do keep posting and let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


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    I'm sure we've had people on here who have had one or the other successfully. My (Very limited and possibly wrong) understanding is that replacement takes a shorter recovery time but won't last forever. Also I think it's more suitable for people who are not going to ask too much of it.

    I know more about fusion as my ankles fused themselves years ago after years of RA, and subsequently OA. I have no problem with the limited movement as they were both limited and very painful (not now) for years and, besides, with the RA, I have very limited movement everywhere else too 😉 Whatever you decide, and whoever you decide it with, make sure it's what's best for you.

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    Good morning @vivalasam87 there was a program few years bk fusion or replacement pick by computer i didn't go for the progeam i went for a talus fusion 2018 and subtalus fusion 2020 my name picture is the metal work in my left ankle...

    So 3 months in plaster 8 weeks in airboot then you have to learn to walk again i met some one who had a replacement it didn't work so had a 2 inch gap glad i had it done but one thing i would get is a knee walker loads on the auction sites...