Green fingers syndrome!

What a gorgeous spring day today was and that only meant one thing....the green fingers syndrome. You know how it goes a bit of weeding, potting on etc and an hour later you admire your hard work and think did I overdo it? Then the throbbing starts in your hands in time with your pulse visibly pulsing on your wrists (that's a new one for me). Various joints are niggling too, but those borders are looking good and gardening is good exercise and great for your mental health. I know I'm not alone in the green fingers syndrome and saying maybe tomorrow I'd better pace myself. Happy gardening to those fellow sufferers of this common syndrome 😁🌱.


  • Trish9556
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    Hi @Ck1

    I did hear over the weekend that we are now being encouraged to leave weeds where the are as they're good for the wildlife in our gardens.

    Not sure about leaving all the weeds but we have a healthy growth if dandelions that my tortoise takes care of for us. There are others that we do pull up though as I don't like the look of them and the tortoise doesn't eat them either lol.

    So, next time you see that weed and struggle to remove it as I often do these days dint feel too bad about leaving it.


  • Ck1
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    Hi Trish, lucky tortoise... a pick and mix! 😋. I wouldn't worry the wildlife still have a few weeds left!


  • stickywicket
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    You're quite right that pleasure brings payback. But sometimes it's so worth it. I hope, as you look at your garden all summer you'll get more pleasure and forget the payback.

    My understanding was that we were asked to leave wildflowers not weeds. Yes, some can be seen as weeds but, to me, a lawn full of daisies and clover has its own beauty.

    I've just bought harebells and field poppies. Call them whatever folks like, I love 'em.

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  • Ck1
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    Hi stickywicket, definitely worth it, I've always loved gardening... even weeding! 😆. Yes some people say wildflowers are weeds, but I like Feverfew, so almost as bad as poppies in some people's eyes and I think I have more daisy's than lawn, but yes I like them too🌼

  • Fran54
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    Hi @Ck1

    the warmer weather brought me out into my garden yesterday and I attempted to remove some sticky trailing green weed? Then I thought some of my pots needed tidying up and I felt quite pleased with myself ( although by then my knee and back were starting to stiffen up and telling me to stop! ) As I now cannot do as much in my garden I am starting to leave some weeds alone as some are beneficial to the wildlife. Also my grass has daises, small violets and clover in it and does look quite pretty. 🌼

  • Ck1
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    Hi Fran54, Where does that sticky weed come from, I have the same problem 😆. I've never been one to be fussy about grass with daisy and clover and yes it does look pretty. Life is too short as they say and the bees love the clover. So far my arthritis hasn't stopped me gardening, I know my limits and try to be good, but isn't it nice to just potter in the sunshine (no pun intended 🙄).

  • frogmorton
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    I overdo it outside too, but not as much as I did in my pre-arthritis days when I'd be outside for 8 hours at a time!

    I'm glad you enjoyed yourself @Ck1 and I have no idea where sticky weed comes from. I presume some sort of wind blown seed like dandelions🙄

    Keep on going just try hard to not 'boom and bust' pace yourself.

    Our mental health is also important🌱🌷

    Toni x

  • Ck1
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    Thanks frogmorton, I bet your garden is gorgeous, despite the dandelions! Today is another beautiful day.... light duties today though and time to get those runner beans sowed.

    Happy gardening, Clare🌱

  • AnneL
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    Ì suffer every year and unfortunately can see no end to it. There is a huge sycamore that overhangs my garden, although isn't in it. Every year I have to cope with Blackspot covered leaves everywhere, seeds that even get into my car engine although it is parked 30mtrs away. I collect bucks full of them. Then in spring come the saplings. I have only managed to collect them from my pots and around my small wildlife pond and am halfway up my second bucket. They set seed in the most obscure places and if left until later in the year are almost impossible to remove. I also struggle with weeds from my neighbours garden. I have to garden sitting on a,small gardening stool as I can't stand to do anything for more than a minute or so, but I find it so painful to sit bent up so low and dread getting up again. I would love to see the tree removed, but the council say no because it's healthy. I get zero help to do anything so this year I have made the painful decision to stop growing flowers apart from a very narrow border and try to flatten the ground enough to just sow grass seed. I will use as many paving slabs as possible to reduce even the grass. It breaks my heart as I garden for the Bees above all else, but simply find it untenable to continue. I guess I shall just have to content myself with growing lots of lavender etc in pots for them.

  • Ck1
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    Hi Annel, Is there any chance of hiring a local gardener to help, so you continue to do the fun gardening jobs and someone else does those jobs that are now too difficult? Or maybe a local teenager interested in gardening?