after covid body pains

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Hello I have just registered.

Does anyone have experience of Body pains after havingt covid at home.?

any tips to counter them. other than paracetamol volterfol and antibiotics.?

many thanks.


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    Hi @toast

    Welcome to the online community,good to see you posting and asking questions

    You write to ask has anybody experienced body pain after having covid at home and any tips to counter them other than paracetamol volterol and antibiotics.

    Here is a link that may help

    Please keep in touch and tell us how you get on and do chat to others on the forums as they are always coming up with solutions.

    All the best Christine

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    Hi @toast

    I remember lots of people coming in her complaining of extra pain or new arthritis symptoms/pain after they contracted COVID so I think your question is quite reasonable.

    Quite a lot of discussion can be found here

    but might take some time ploughing through the posts.

    If your arthritis is of the osteoarthritis variety maybe a warm microwaveable wheatbag might help?

    Best of luck and take care


  • Wolfie2468S
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    Hello toast,

    I am the same with body pains after having had Covid over Christmas. I thought that once I started testing negative all would be well but it is very uncomfortable walking and I get tired when I do anything even after all this time. I'm afraid that I can't offer any tips on what else you could take because I take paracetamol and use voltarol. Not used antibiotics.

    I hope you are able to find something that helps you.

    Take care.