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A little while ago someone on here suggested using Caspian cream which I found very useful. When I went to do a repeat for more cream I was told that the supplier was out of stock till June!

Does anyone know of a cream that is as good as Caspian cream that has to be got on prescription?

Thanks for your help.


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    Hello @Apollo149

    I think you mean capsaicin cream. It does, indeed, semm very hard to get hold of now. If you put the name into the Versus Arthritis search engine (magnifying glass symbol at top right of screen) some former threads come up including, I think, one by a member who now makes his own.

    I think the best of the rest is probably voltarol but why not ask your local pharmacist? (S)he would know.

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    Thank you for this, yes I am find it hard to get. Voltari I have not tried but will give it a go.