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Hello 👋

I'm 59 and have been diagnosed with arthritis in my feet and ankles, hands and wrist, spine and neck and I'm sure I now have it my shoulders. I'm in constant pain and I've stopped looking to the doctors to help as the last one rolled his eyes at me whilst explaining there was little he could do, kinda got the impression that I should shut up and put up with the pain! I'm self employed with my own (small) housekeeping business working between 28 and 35 hours a week. I have to have an operation in June but for self employed there is no sick related pay, or that I can find. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of a route to go down please?

Also, I'm finding going to work a really hard and exhausting experience with little energy left after each day to do the things I want to do. It's getting me down and I've started to feel anxiety about going to work (there's only my wage coming into the house) Does anyone know a job website I could visit for alternative work? I earn a decent hourly wage and can't afford too much of a drop

Many thanks


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    Evening @Ouchalready,

    Welcome to the Online Community. It sounds like you are having a tough time with things at the moment having been diagnosed with arthritis. Are you happy to share what kind of arthritis you have been diagnosed with?

    The exhaustion and lack of energy can be really hard to deal with. I have put a link below with some information on how you may be able to manage it a little and gives some insight on what it actually is:

    I found this really helpful to understand what I was feeling and how it's not just simply being tired.

    Unfortunately I have no experience when it comes to self employment but hopefully someone will be able to reach out to you with some advice on that.

    Our Helpline is there to offer additional support so please do reach out if you would like to speak to someone:

    0800 5200 520, Call us for free (Monday–Friday, 9am–6pm).

    The helpline is closed from 12.00 pm the last Friday of every month for training.

    Take care

    Dannii (Mod)

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  • Hi Dannii and thank you for responding to my message.

    I have osteoarthritis mostly and ankylosing spondylitis in my neck. Yes the tiredness gets to me. I have a certain amount of energy in the mornings so crack on but by lunch time I simply want to stop, but unfortunately I can't. I feel like I'm literally wearing my body out.

    I will take a look at the link you sent, thank you

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    Something I found helpful is to rely on finding a regular time for wellbeing rather than constantly worrying. I slot this in between finishing the tidying up and before I start anything more. This makes it regular, as my condition changes, and I do actually come up with useful ideas.

    Health wise I find myself feeling somewhat better working, than during time off, so I would not be in a hurry to stop. I do 40hours a week (full time) plus travel and yes, its a powerfully draining experience.