Updated update.

Hi Gang. Well things have moved up a gear. Spent a few good hours at the hospital rheumatology department yesterday. Providing my blood work comes back ok, will be starting on Methotrexate.

I have been given steroids which I start tomorrow. (Picked up my wayward prescriptions today don’t ask lol.) rheumatologist did some more ultrasounds of my hands and feet, and has noted some significant changes. I am smack bang in the middle of a flare up. The pain has been intense at times. Thank you all for your kind words last few days. I will also be interested in any great tips for keeping side effects to a minimum.I am really hoping you are right stickywicket and I am about to embark on a better path. Meanwhile I know the steroids will ease the pain considerably.

I really hope third time lucky with the meds.


  • frogmorton
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    Morning @Woofy

    Well done you I read your other post so glad you are neither coeliac nor have Giant Cell Arteritis neither would be a useful addition to your life.

    You are quite right the steroids will help lots and you should feel a good bit better soon.

    Plenty of us here with MTX tips for you if you need them.


    Toni x

  • Woofy
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    I have had my second dose of Methotrexate, and all seems well. I take it with a substantial meal, with plain bio yogurt after.

    no sickness so far.😊