Can a Gluten Free Diet help with arthritis symptoms

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Hi I am Sheri I am recently diagnosed with RA and OA of the knees.

Over the course of 14 months it has been a very distressing and lonely time as so much to learn about the condition being that there many forms of arthritis and 100 conditions that affect the joint tissues.

Having to deal with a Knee replacement 10 months ago and having ongoing physiotherapy, introducing unreliable carers, trying to keep the day job and applying for PIP and being declined has left me exhausted.

I have spent months researching the best solution to support my joint pain, stiffness and fatigue symptoms. I have never been one to rely on prescribed medication with sometime horrible side effects so I decided to embark on a gluten free diet as I prefer natural herbal remedies made from natural ingredients only.

What are your positive or negative view on consuming gluten free foods to help with arthritis


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    Hello @Sheri welcome to the online community

    You have recently been diagnosed with OA and RA of the knees, have had a knee replacement and trying to keep the day job going whilst applying for and being declined for PIP. I am not surprised that you are exhausted.

    Your research has led you trying as natural a diet as possible and you are asking if a gluten free diet has helped any of our members with their experience of living with arthritis. Certainly there are numbers of members who are vegetarian and vegan and have said that they feel these lifestyles are beneficial to their conditions.

    I attach some links for your interest

    The members thread is an old one but it contains some valuable discussion points . I hope that our members will join in with their thoughts on the pros and cons of a gluten free diet. Let us know how you get on with your change of diet.

    Best wishes


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    To be honest, while eating healthily and keeping our weight down is a good way to deal with any form of arthritis I don't see how a gluten free diet would help unless you have a gluten allergy. You can always 'suck it and see'. It's not difficult to get gluten free foods now. I do it whenever my son stays although it's mostly pasta and a few treats. Meat, fish, veg and fruit are all gluten free.

    If you have RA, though, whatever your aversion to meds, do take the DMARDS. THere's no damping down an overactive immune system by diet alone.

    I'm sorry you have a problem with your TKR. That won't help. I guess I've been lucky with all my replacements. Keep plugging away at it.

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    Thank you for your response sticky wicket.

    I will at some stage be looking into the different DMARDS available for the condition.