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Thank you for adding me to versus arthritis.

I am suffering with terrible , swollen ( right ) foot and toes pain. I am struggling to work as I am on my feet all day.

any advice would be welcome as I don’t know how I am going to keep on working.

I have so far tried ibulieve gel, Nurofen, paracetamol but after a ten hour shift I’m in agony and struggle to drive home 😢.

thank you


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    Hi I've only just joined here also in past few days so new also, Pain oh I know how it feels !!! Perhaps speak to your gp and see what they suggest ( mine is useless unfortunately) everyone's different and what works for some doesn't for others but it's worth finding out what they suggest and maybe give something new a try, I remember vividly the feeling of overwhelming pain when I too finished work and would cry and welp in pain trying to get into my car and drive home it was horrendous, I did have to give up work both my hips completely gone now and waiting to have them replaced, all can say is try things and see if they help

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    Welcome to the community stephspragg1.

    It must be incredibly difficult to be suffering with Arthritis and have to do a job which only exacerbates it.

    In all honesty I think you need to see a GP about a prescription for more heavy-duty anti-inflammatories such as Naproxen and painkillers such as Co-Codemol.

    Secondly, ice is known and recommended to reduce swelling and relieve pain - I use ice packs wrapped in a tea towel, so maybe apply these when you get home from work?

    I use Voltorol 12 hour gel to help dull the pain, I think it's way better than Ibulieve but only you can be the judge of that.

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    Hi @Stephspragg1

    Sore sore feet awful😕

    Have you tried changing your shoes for something more comfortable?

    My sister in law found skechers (othere makes are available!) a real help as did my own husband the difference it has made to both of their lives is unbelievable. This is an old thread about shoes:

    I find rolling my feet over a frozen bottle of water very very soothing too and now have orthotic insoles which I love!

    Take care

    Toni x