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Thanks for accepting me on the versus arthritis x

I’ve had my right thr in 2020, and still suffering with same pain… 😔

I also have osteo in left hip, back, both knees, both hands, also dequervains, and carpol tunnel in both hands.. 😔

the pain is to much.. 😔

and my depression and anxiety are off the scale… 😔

I hope I can fond some advice and ideas from here x


  • Ellen
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    Good Morning @Butterfly1971

    Welcome to the Online Community.

    You seem to have a lot going on with your arthritis and are experiencing 'too much' pain.

    I know our members will be happy to share what helps them, but in the meantime maybe this will be helpful:

    You also mention feeling anxious and depressed. Low mood is something many here experience too you are not alone. I am attaching this information on the issue:

    Now that you have posted your first post maybe you'd like to look around the rest of the forum? Living with Arthritis tends to be the most popular after 'Say Hello'.

    I look forward to reading more of your post in future

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Butterfly1971

    Lovely to meet you. I am sorry you are having such a tough time.

    Lot's of us here find our mood low. Living with a long term painful condition can really get you down can't it?

    Quite a few take low does antidepressants too.

    I find coming in here and chatting to other people a real help distraction is one of the best things for my pain and mental health.

    Come along in and join in anywhere you fancy!

    Toni x

  • Thanks for your reply x I really am struggling and the pain is constant 😢

  • Hi x thanks for your reply x

    im having the worst time.((

    the pain 😢 being unable to get out 😢 not wanting to go out 😢 no family as they have been very nasty to me 😢 my own mum told me on my birthday 2021 to go home take an overdose and leave them all alone 😢 😣

    I honeslty don’t know what’s next… 😔

  • Lorraine_24
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    Hi @Butterfly1971 I am also in constant excruciating relentless pain, I'm waiting to have both hips replaced and I know exactly how you feel I only joined here a few days ago and I can honestly tell you looking around and reading other people's struggles are the same as yours and that you're not going mad in the head because so many of us are in the same position, also after reading information and links on here I decided today was the day I'm going to do something about my situation, I should have had both my hips done by now, I went in last October for first one but they wouldn't go ahead because of my ecg, this had not been picked up at my pre assessment due to somebody not reading it properly a lot of my problems have been down to hospital, one department not letting the other department knowing, what's going on ,test results ect..I have been daily phoning hospital to see why I've not had a new date for first hip nobody ever answers but today they did, I told them exactly how I'm feeling and apart from the pain my mental health is at an all time low..they listened and I got given a new date for end of June please god if alls well after a heart mri I'm having done soon, sorry for waddling on guess what I'm really trying to say is, coming on here gave me the courage to stand up for myself, because I've been let down so much by medical professionals not doing their jobs properly, but I'd be here forever lol if I had to tell the whole story..I hope coming on here helps you also