Knee replacement

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I have just had my date for knee replacement (June 21st) I just started crying and I’m scared.


  • Ellen
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    I am very pleased for you that you have a date for your knee operation@nannyhicks49

    Of course you will be feeling very nervous about the procedure. Anyone would feel the same.

    Just remember lots of people have already had the operation here and your surgeon will have performed the operation on many many knees ahead of yours. They will look after you very well.

    It's good that the date isn't too far off so not too long for you to worry. Keep posting everyone will help if they can.

    My very best wishes


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    Hi just a heads up , when you have your staples out=take pain relief before...I didn't and resulting in a senior moment.

  • raphacondor
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    Post op =every day ==== physio physio physio, don't make excuses or 115 degrees movement will be 11.5!

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    If you tell them how frightened you are they will help you at the hospital. When I had my back op they were brilliant and could see I was terrified.

    They gave me a little sedative to chill me out and it worked.

    Just remember you need this and once it's done you'll be so proud of yourself ((()))

    Toni xx

  • Daytona
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    I had my right knee replaced during Covid and it is very understandable you are worried. It’s a big operation and I cannot pretend that the recovery is easy. This is why once you have had the op you become known as a knee warrior. 🙂There are some funky tee shirts on Amazon ! I found the support of the U.K. knee replacement group on Facebook really helpful and very friendly. I need my left knee doing this year and as I decided to pay for each operation privately I can choose my time. Like child birth there are no brownie points for suffering so take all the drugs on offer.

    For the op I had spinal and sedation which means a faster recovery when coming around from the procedure. Is it worth it … YES !! I had severe bone on bone and only in my early 50s. I am not pain free but the discomfort is minor compared to the pain I had walking previously. I hope this helps … good luck can do this ! 🙂

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    It has been mentioned at my latest appt that i mean need a knee replacement. The thought is totally scary.

    How long did you have to wait?

    Good luck with it, hope it all goes well 😁