Wild swimming

Has anyone tried wild swimming? I’ve been reading how it helps with OA and pain from inflammation but I’m such a coward when it comes to cold water 🤣🤣😮

any thoughts?


  • Bettyboo22
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    Hi @Farmerswife

    It's not my thing I have to admit not keen on being in dirty water or when I don't know what else is in there 😉

    but swimming generally is good for you so would it not be as good to go to a local outdoor pool?

    Good luck if you are trying it

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    Blimey no!!!! It would be called wild drowning in my case!!

    These are discussions on the subject:

    @Airwave! @airwave (which one is you Airwave????😕) has apparently done it and might comment.

    Toni x

  • Bettyboo22
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    thought you when I saw this @Farmerswife - Musculoskeletal conditions and swimming - Just Swim


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    I’ve had a few times I’ve been unable to get online so changed my online name slightly so since about 2003-4 I have had a few, a bod at VA did tidy my accounts up but one or two may have been missed?

    it’s a grin, honest!

  • Lau
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    We moved to Gower because after I was diagnosed I tried it and although I am no swimmer I do find it helps. Better when it’s cold but I can’t manage under 10c ( sea temp). I think you need to take care, go with someone and have good swim shoes. Takes your body 3 mins to adjust and key to manage your breathing. I find a scream quite therapeutic though 😆

  • Megsalvio
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    OH i love cold swimming, it is horirble at first, all i suggest is getting a really good dry robe, aprk as close as possible and take a flask or tea/coffee for the drive back.

    Swim shoes make me feel better too!

    It does feel so good, cleansing and the boost you get from it once you've done it is great, not everyone can/will do it but it give you such a natural high for the day afterwards!

    Give it ago, find a beautiful natural spring, or waterfall area and do it! its lovely in the rain or sun, with the aftercare<3

  • harrison
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    wild swimming is wonderful. depends where you are and what access you have but I heartily recommend. we have a lake nearby and we are in most days in spring and summer

    albeit swimming pools are just as good for practical benefits - beautiful open water is mental health benefit.

    also the cold water. if you want advice I follow wimhof and if you just follow the basics your body can really learn quite quickly to relax into the cold. it is our reaction to hold our breath and fight it that causes the problem. get used to doing it for a few minutes a day in an ice bath. the dopamine high lasts for hours and seriously helps fight down depression (a pain multiplier).