Pain relief

It’s coming up for three months since I have had a prescription for Hydroxychloroquine, 1 X 200mg per day. I announced to my OH that I thought it had started to have an effect on me. The description I gave might not be the best having thought about it for at least two seconds, it made me smile later though. I likened the pain to milk pudding, if you take the the skin off of the pudding (there’s always a fight for it in this house) then there’s always milk pudding underneath.

So yes, the meds are doing their job but it’s excruciatingly slow with pain happening when you’ve forgotten about it for a few seconds and sudden or unexpected movement still causes a lot of pain. So there you go, maybe the sun will come out tomorrow?

it’s a grin, honest!


  • Bettyboo22
    Bettyboo22 Member Posts: 21

    I love this analogy and more to the point love milk pudding haha.

    Great to hear your pain is easing slightly and lets hope it continues in this direction.

    Hope you are enjoying the sunshine this weekend, it makes us feel better🌞


  • frogmorton
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    Oooh! @Airwave! the skin of a pudding🤢 not for me at all!

    I am glad things are improving for you if slowly. I suspect as you were left untreated for so so so many years there might be some damage already done to joints too which the Hydroxy won't be able to help with????

    Take care

    Toni x

    Ps just mentioned you and your alter ego the 'other' airwave (evil twin Airwave????) in a post about wild swimming....