Rheumatoid arthritis

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Hi, I'm new here and have joined as I really need some support with a diagnosis of RA but feeling like I have such a lack of information. I'm 45 and was started on hydroxychloroquine last August. It has helped enormously compared to where I was but things aren't great by any standards. I've had 2 sets of ultrasounds my hands, the 2nd showed no inflammation so the rheumatologist doesn't want to introduce any further medication. I have said that even when my hands aren't inflamed or painful, the rest of my joints are awful. I've not had an mri as of yet. I've had a really awful flare up recently and have started with headaches starting in the base of my skull and just generally feel really miserable. I have a review next week and am trying to work out how to approach it and what to say. Sorry as that's lots of information for my first time here. Emily x