Manubriosternal joint (MSJ) disease

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Hello everyone. Has anyone been diagnosed with Manubriosternal joint (MSJ) disease, Arthritis of the sternum? I've been suffering with chest pains for over a year. Heart is fine after tons of tests. Found out I had Barret's esophagus so I just had GERD surgery last month. And the chest pain is still here. All day everyday. I had my hip replaced because of my osteoarthritis last year. I'm only 54. Going to see GP next week for more tests. I'd love to hear from you.



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    Hi @Christyrice

    Good to hear that you are seeing your GP for more tests. A chest pain is very worrying and I expect you were relieved that your heart is ok. I like you had a chest pain for a number of months and had my heart checked, then a check for breast cancer, then a respiratory check and finally was sent back to my rheumatologist who gave me a steroid injection into my sternum and after a few days the pain subsided. I occasionally get it briefly but nothing like it was. I had not realised you can get arthritis in your chest joints which is naive really because it can obviously affect any joint. I continue with a weekly dose of methotrexate and my RA remains stable thank heavens.

    I hope you recover well from your surgery and that the tests help eliminate the potential causes and you are given the treatment you need.