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Hi my name is Shantelle and i have recently been diagnosed with severe osteo arthritis in my lower back and hips, i am looking for some help with what to do for pain relief and how to deal with doctors who dont seem to listen Thank you


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    Hi @shanty71 (Shantelle)

    You have been diagnosed with OA in your back and hips and would like some advice from forum members as regards pain management as well as engaging with your doctor.

    Our website has lots of very relevant information that as regards OA of the back and hips along with pain management options. I hope the following links provide a useful starting point for you.

    I’ll leave how best to engage with the medical profession to other forum members who have more relevant experience than I can offer.

    I hope you receive some useful feedback.

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

    Need more help - call our Helpline on 0800 5200 520 Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

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    Thank u so much Chris B

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    Welcome @shanty71,

    It seems unsympathetic GPs and health professionals are a common cause of complaint amongst many Forum members, myself included. I'll list a few options below:

    1: Unless your GP actually suffers with Arthritis or has a family member with it, they'll be unlikely to really know how a sufferer's condition affects them. I've found it helps to mention a few key phrases which act as some sort of trigger to be taken more seriously and investigated. Saying things like "I am struggling with everyday tasks", "my mental health is severely being impacted by my condition", "it is difficult to wash and dress myself" and "I am under pressure from my employer as I cannot adequately perform my job duties", do help with getting a reaction.

    2: Ask for a different GP or move to a different GP Surgery

    3: Ask for a referral to Connect Health or self-refer: https://www.connecthealth.co.uk/patient-information#facetwp-map

    My GP referred me to Connect Health and after a bumpy start it turned out to be the best thing ever. Within a month I'd had 2 consultations and within a month of those they fast-tracked my case and I not only saw a Surgeon but had an MRI appointment and a follow-up with a recommendation for 2 x TKRs which I am on the waiting list for.

    Some people have had a negative experience as I did initially but after seemingly being written off by the first Professional I spoke to for not being "chronic enough" I phoned in, asked for a second opinion with someone more senior and instead of a phone call, I arranged a face to face interview and that did the trick.

    Hope some of these help


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    Thank you so much, i am struggling a bit to keep up at work if im honest so maybe i should mention this next time i see the doctor.