New research on bats and inflammation

Not sure where best to post this but it might be an interesting read for people even if any outputs will be a long way off. Original article read was in telegraph but it's not free to read and this covers much the same.


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    @Mark_E Very Interesting…

    Do check these out…

    The latter I believe is the reason why two members of the versus community are no longer on DMARDS despite having been serologically confirmed as having RA. Myself and 1 other.

    The RA symptoms could be a symptom of an underlying cause, rather than the disease itself. Like a noisy carbon monoxide alarm, the fact that you cannot see or smell why it’s alarm is going off does not immediately mean it’s faulty and to be suppressed, but an urgent flag to investigate the source of the leak. Or in my case, leaky gut. (Gastroenterologist to investigate). We evolved our immune system over thousands of years, and like makers of CO alarms, it’s intended to be generally reliable so trust it and investigate.