Osteoarthritis of the hip

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Hi, I am a newby on this site, I was recently diagnosed with mild form in my right hip. I've been on Naproxin since Jan which helped but came off it as it's not a long term pain killer. My pain varies from day to day and if this us a mild form but the pain is excrusiating. now my lower legs are painfull it's like constant toothache on my shin bones and some times my left Knee.

I would like to try self help I already go swimming twice a week which helps. Any ideas on exersise?.



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    Hello @Tedley welcome to the online community

    You have OA of the hip and are experiencing pain in different parts of your leg. You swim twice a week and ask if there are other forms of exercise that might help.

    We are a friendly support group who share our experiences of living with arthritis . Some of our members have talked about deflected pain in different parts of the leg, in my experience this reduced considerably after my hip replacement. We all experience pain differently and I attach some information links which I hope you will find helpful.



    I hope this is not an overload! There is a lot of useful information on the VA website and numerous threads of conversations between members exchanging tips and ways to cope . So I hope you can browse round the community and join in with our discussions. We look forward to hearing from you again soon.

    Take care


    If it would be helpful to talk to someone ring the Helpline 0800 5200 520

    Monday - Friday 9.00a.m. - 6.00p.m.

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    Hi @Tedley,

    Poppyjane has provided some really good links, there's some great advice and content on this site so it's worth taking a good look around when you have time.

    Pain Management and Exercise go hand-in-hand. I agree with you on Naproxen, in fact any anti-inflammatories, even Ibuprofen aren't advised to be taken long-term without something to protect the stomach lining such as Omeprazole or an equivalent. Anti-inflammatories are only half the story though - many sufferers also take painkillers, ingest healthfood supplements, apply gels and ointments and use other aids such as TENS machines, walking poles and so forth. Lots of information on the site about all of these but as always, best to speak with your GP and/or a Pharmacist before diving into any of these.

    It's great you enjoy swimming which is a fantastic non-impact activity. Others I can recommend include Cycling (whether outside or on a static bike at a gym), walking (outside or on a treadmill - you can alter speed and incline and hold on for balance), a cross-trainer, Stairs Machine, Skiing Simulator and Rowing Machine. Some of these can be great cardio workouts and at my local gym its not only fellow Arthritis sufferers I see but also people with MS and other conditions too.

    Hope some of these might grab your interest and good luck!


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    Thank you👍