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Hi, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my lower spine when I was early 30’s. This is gotten worse but is manageable. This year my thumb has become all disjointed, I have a growth where my knuckle bone is on my thumb. Doctor looked and said arthritis. Since then the hand has gotten worse to the point it swells and my little finger and index finger and thumb are now all agony along with my wrist.

doctor sent me for hand X-rays - I’ve just been told today they have come back normal? I don’t understand as I have these sticky out bits on my fingers. Is it possible to have a normal X-ray and arthritis?


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    Hi @Ciara951

    Welcome to the online community,glad you are posting and have found us.

    You write that in your early 30s you were diagnosed with Ostoarthritis in your lower spine,recently you have had trouble with your thumb which has become disjointed and a growth on your knuckle bone,you were diagnosed with arthrhitis,since then you have had agonizing pain and swellings occur from fingers to wrist. The Gp sent you for an xray that came back normal.

    Like you i dont understand why that should be as externally you have bits sticking out which look abnormal.

    You can always go back to your GP and ask why and explain why this should be. You deserve an explanation. You dont say wether you have had anything for pain if not i would ask for medication to help with the pain.

    Here are some links that may help,please keep in touch and tell us how you get on and do go onto our forums to chat to others it often helps.

    All the best Christine

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    Hi there

    thank you for the response. Yeah I’ve been given co codamol and now more recently naproxen for the inflammation. Sometimes that doesn’t even touch the pain though and I’m up most of the night in discomfort and ache.

    I’m waiting on one more blood result coming back then I’m in with the doctor. Yeah I’m confused also as my thumb joint is twice the size of the other one.. and it’s not swollen it’s the bone 🤣